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25th May 2013 - word=Huthis&lng=en&theme=default"class="Searchkeyword_link">Huthis present their vision on the southern issue to the word=National Dialogue&lng=en&theme=default"class="keywordSyles_link">National Dialogue conference, and state that they were not involved in what happened to the west (الحوار الوطني)
25th May 2013 - Southern movement presents its vision to the National Dialogue Conference on the content of the Southern issue in one file and ten appendixes (الحوار الوطني)
18th May 2013 - Southern issue's team listens to the visions of Ansar Allah , the independent youth, and the word=women&lng=en&theme=default"class="Searchkeyword_link">women on the content of the southern issue (الحوار الوطني)
14th May 2013 - The visions of al-Rshad Party and The National Democratic Coalition Parties towards the southern issue are Presented to the word=National Dialogue&lng=en&theme=default"class="Searchkeyword_link">National Dialogue Conference (الحوار الوطني)
11th May 2013 - The main parties present their visions on the content of the southern issue (الحوار الوطني)
5th May 2013 - al-Haq Party presents to the National Dialogue Conference its vision on Sadah issue and the southern issue (الأمة)
8th January 2013 - Hadi issues decree forming committees to address southern issues (سبأ نيوز) (Ar.)
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